Monday, 27 September 2010

Military jacket

Good fashion trends for winter 2010

The Military Jacket- The Military jacket seems to be constantly in and out of fashion. I bought one about 4 years ago, and they stayed 'in' for about a year- a year and a half, went off the radar for a couple of years, and now they're back again. Of course that didn't stop me from wearing my military jacket, don't ever let what's 'in' and what's not, stop you from wearing what you like. It doesn't matter if you wear trend's that aren't in fashion anymore, because latest fashion trends should be intended to give you new ideas, and add something new to your wardrobe when you feel that you need to update a bit.

The military jacket is quite versatile when it comes to styles, and the jacket itself comes in a number of styles. The military jacket can be worn with a number of combinations to fit a variety of styles. Those styles are: Casual, punk, hippie, sophisticated, and can easily be dressed up or down.

The usual colors of the military jacket are, black and khaki. Other less common colors that the military jacket comes in are navy blue and red. The jacket can either be neat and tailored, or rough, and even frayed. What makes the military jacket is the dome buttons, either directly down the middle of the jacket, or to the side of the front. 

In my opinion, a style of the military jacket can be found to suit almost anyone, and it's definitely something to hold onto for years.


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  2. thanks Travie for your advice :)

  3. Looks quite the sexy tbh :P

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  4. Very nice jackets, thick enough to keep you warm, yet thin enough to act more like an accessory.